Facebook, Twitter, Newspapers, Blogs and the 2010 Census

I find myself a bit perplexed at times in where the direction of content and things will go at times on my blog.

Obviously newspapers are dying out real quick as my blog gets more page visits then the Hawaii Tribune Herald.

I’ve had my blog longer then I’ve been a member of facebook or twitter, and while they are great for meeting new folks and driving folks to your site… do you lose focus on what you really want to do with your own blog by getting wrapped up in so many other social media things.

I’ve never depended on anything but myself to promote my blog, however, there are many tools I could add to this site so folks could send it off to other social media sites.

Does it become a sell out when you start using tools to promote your site other then yourself?  I don’t think so.  I’ve just been behind the scene on things.

We have a lot to offer on the Big Island… for the next few months I will be the supervisor for the East Hawaii section of the Big Island for the 2010 census.

I’ll still be able to blog about everything I’m doing… I just need to keep confidential stuff confidential.

It will be interesting watching the local newspapers print stuff  that might not be true like they have in the past regarding the census.

I’ll cut back my blogging for the time being, and my training doesn’t begin on Oahu for another 8 days still yet.

Look forward to doing my best.

Get High! Well Get Artistic at High Fire Hawaii

Media Release:

A new session of art and pottery classes are coming up at High Fire Hawaii, the art gallery and studio at 114 Kamehameha Avenue in Hilo. Registration is now open.

The Beginning Drawing, Watercolor and four Ceramics classes are four- to six-week classes that meet once a week, and start dates are spread throughout February.

Shannon Hickey, co-owner of High Fire Hawaii, teaches the ceramics classes. Beginning Drawing is taught by Jacob Medina, and Cate Courtot teaches Watercolor Lessons.   “Introductory Wheel Throwing” starts February 19, 2010 and runs for 6 Friday evenings (through March 26).  It’s from 5:30 to 8 p.m.  It teaches wheel throwing fundamentals such as centering, throwing and trimming functional forms on the potter’s wheel. Projects may include bowls, cups and plates. Tuition is $200 and includes six class sessions, 25 lbs. of clay (includes glaze and firing), and access to scheduled open studio time.

“Introductory Handbuilding” class runs four Saturday mornings, February 6 – 27, from 9 – 11:30 a.m. It teaches pinch, coil and slab techniques and is recommended for individuals with no clay experience. The $145 tuition includes four class sessions, 12 pounds of clay (includes glaze and firing) and access to scheduled open studio time.

“Introductory Sampler Pottery” class runs from 3 – 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday afternoons from February 17 through March 24. It provides an overview of basics, such as handbuilding and an introduction to the potter’s wheel. Tuition is $200 and includes six class sessions, 25 pounds of clay (includes glaze and firing), and access to scheduled open studio time.

“Advanced Pottery” is Independent Study for the advance potter, and is open to three wheel and three handbuilding students who have taken at least two High Fire Hawaii classes or have the instructor’s permission. Session 1 runs from 9 a.m. to noon on Wednesday mornings from January 20 through February 24. Session 2 is from March 3 – April 7, same times. The class costs $135 and includes six class sessions and access to scheduled open studio time. Clay may be purchased from High Fire Hawaii.

“Beginning Drawing” will meet on Tuesdays, February 9 through March 2, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. This class focuses on basic techniques including contour edges, negative space, sighting proportion, perspective and rendering form. It costs $75 and is taught by Jacob Medina.

“Beginning Watercolor” focuses on the basic techniques of watercolor painting. It runs on six Thursday evenings, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. February 18 through March 25. It is taught by Cate Courtot and tuition is $125.   High Fire Hawaii is a gallery and studio featuring paintings, prints, ceramics and jewelry created by Big Island artists. “Many are emerging artists, and some are long-term, established artists,” says co-owner Steven Lang.

The gallery and studio, which recently relocated to its Kamehameha Avenue location near Sig Zane Designs, will also be hosting special art exhibits, and the gallery/studio owners are open to suggestions regarding what classes they offer. “If there’s a certain type of art class people would like to take, they should let us know,” says Lang.   Contact High Fire Hawaii at 935-8380 to register or with any questions, or see the website at HighFireHawaii.com.

Young Woman Falls Off Cliff in Puna

A young woman on the Big Island is recovering Saturday evening, after falling off a rock cliff on the Puna coast.

It happened late this morning in Paradise Park.

At first, rescue crews used lines to try and lift her out from the bottom of the cliff…

Video and More Here: Big Island Cliff Rescue

No… I Didn’t Lighten My Skin!

This is a picture of me from the year 1980 nearly 30 years ago.  I had quite the afro going and I’m pretty tan.

I’m just posting this here because I noticed that it’s “Throwback Week” over on Facebook and everyone is posting pictures of when we were younger.

It’s a good kick looking at old friends when we were young.