Just a Reminder During this Political Season… Island Candidates!

I will not be accepting any advertisements for any political candidates on my blog this year, those that know… it was the same for me in the last election.

I will be accepting announcements from candidates regarding their campaigns.

I hope that folks understand that any political announcement that may be made on my blog is simply being passed on by me and does not mean I endorse that candidate.

I think it benefits us all for candidates to push their message.  If any candidate begins to try and use my blog as a “soap box”… it will be quickly squandered.

I do welcome political announcements, messages and letters of support.  I won’t allow any blatant advertisements.

With that said, I will do my best to try and not even open my mouth as to whom I’m gonna vote to this year.

I may be referring to this post a lot…

So once again… I’m not accepting ads… Please folks don’t think any messages that I receive from candidates stand as an endorsement of that candidate.

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