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Social Media More Popular Then Pornography on the Internet

Ever since I started my blog, I’ve been on this big “Social Media” thing.   Lot’s of folks here on the Big Island really don’t get.  Many folks on Oahu get it.  But it has really taken off on the mainland.

I started my blog over a year ago and at the time I thought no way would I ever join Twitter or Facebook. I mean I already had a Myspace account that I was hardly using anymore.

Well things have sure changed quite a bit in just the last 6-7 months as I’m hooked on both Twitter, and now I’m becoming hooked on facebook.

I’m not quite sure why these sites are so popular and addictive, because typically you don’t even own the content that you are putting out there for the folks.

But it sure is fun to be in contact with so many people throughout the world with just the click of button!

Ian Lind writes in his post Startling social media stats, political skirmishes, and NPR digs into corporate marketing:

…The House Majority Communications Office presented a workshop yesterday for legislative staff on social media, and I was surprised by the statistics in a YouTube video that’s been floating around for several months which appear to show a tidal wave of new communications via tools like Twitter and Facebook. The video is available in a short version or a longer original version. Connecting with these data was worth the price of admission!…

This was the first time I had seen this video and some things really sunk in that let me know that I think I’m going in the right direction with things.

So if you haven’t seen it… check it out… because Social Media is More Popular then Porn on the Internet.


So never mind me… I’m going over to Twitter and Facebook for a few to talk to folks over there! LOL

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