Second Smallest Planet Discovered Outside Our Solar System

I’m sure Andrew over at A Darker View will have more on this.

Astronomers at Caltech have announced the discovery of the second smallest planet ever found outside our solar system…
…The discovery is also a win for the American team, who worked at the Keck Observatory atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii. The Swiss still hold claim to finding the smallest planet outside our solar system…

Full Article: Caltech researchers discover second smallest planet outside our solar system.

And a question I’ve always wondered… If a shooting star is basically an exploding star… is it not possible that the sun could just pop and shoot at some time?

If we circle the sun… what does the sun circle?

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  1. Eh brah I ‘tink the sun circles Uranus

  2. Damon? You need to come up to the VIS sometime and really learn about this stuff.

    A “shooting star”, properly called a meteor, has nothing to do with stars. Just a small bit of rock hitting our atmosphere at very high speed.

    The Sun, and all the stars in our galaxy, which is every star you can see as a pinpoint of light and vastly more, orbit around the center of the galaxy.

    • Thanks for that brief explanation.

      Yes, I didn’t listen in HS very well or this wasn’t taught to me.

      I’m assuming there are other galaxies… what do all of these “Galaxies” orbit around?

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