Think Local… Act Global!

That’s gonna be my new theme for a little while on my blog.

We can all make a big difference locally… I recommend everyone check out Tiffany Edward Hunt’s “Big Island Chronicle” to see what one person can significantly do locally.

I appreciate her efforts… although many folks may doubt my sincerity.  Tiff’s a great blogger that I don’t think get’s enough credit a lot of the time… and I myself tend to dog on some of her posts… but that doesn’t mean I still don’t appreciate what she is doing.

I started my blog out pissed off at life… and thanks to my blog… I’m beginning to realize just how wonderful life is.

I wish other folks would realize that some of my comments on her blog are not meant to demean her in any way!

Keep up the great work Tiff and no matter how much we will always have are differences… I love you as a hard working titah that is trying her best to make Puna and Pahoa a better place.

2 Responses

  1. Keahi,

    How nicely stated, in this case Tiff is really trying to do something that is needed

    The Lack

  2. My initial reaction to your headline was negative. I see the bumper sticker and I get that it feels good, but what is the person really doing to make a change. Usually, they need me to stop driving an suv, pay more taxes or hug a tree.

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