The Big Island Internet Society Meet Up Today

Just wanted to say thanks to the 15 – 20 folks that showed up today for the Big Island meet and greet at Big Island Pizza.

It was a great meet up once again and we were fortunate to have Grif Frost speak to us today about “LQ – Life Quality”.

Grif Frost talking about "LQ - Life Quality"

Grif’s a well known businessman throughout the world and has settled into a comfortable lifestyle here on the Big Island.

I appreciated listening to his words of wisdom and the key words that I took away from his talk today was to have a good life quality, you must think about the following things in the following priority:

  1. Health – You must be healthy to do anything in general
  2. Ohana – Take care of the Ohana and those around you
  3. Business – Worry about the other things above but do realize you need to bring in money to make ends meet.

Just wanted to say thanks again to Larry Czerwonka for organizing this little hui that we have going on.  I just realized this was our 6th meeting that we have had so far.

UH Hilo Hires Coqui Frog Expert

UHH News Release:

Until last month, Dr. Gary Ten Eyck had to travel thousands of miles to conduct research on the reproductive habits of coqui frogs. Now that he has joined the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo College of Pharmacy, he can simply walk out the back door.

Dr. Gary Ten Eyck

Ten Eyck hopes his research will aid in the understanding of the reproductive biology of an introduced, alien species that is cause for concern to Hawaiʻi residents both economically and environmentally…

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TODAY: Freedom Fest 2010 (Starts at Noon)

Teach for America

Congressman Neil Abercrombie is invited to see how a national teacher recruitment program is working to help students and schools in Hawaii.