Hawaiian Telcom Yellow Pages Alerts Small Business Owners to Fraudulent Activity

Media Release:

In response to recent customer service inquiries, Hawaiian Telcom Yellow Pages is encouraging small business owners to be on alert for a company that is approaching Hawaiian Telcom Yellow Pages customers using a deceptively similar name, HawaiianTel YP.

That company has been contacting small businesses in Hawaii and following up with falsified invoices for continued service. Customers are being directed to a Web site, www.HawaiianTel-YP.com, that is unrelated to Hawaiian Telcom Yellow Pages’ Web site, www.HTYellowPages.com.

HawaiianTel YP is not affiliated with Hawaiian Telcom or Hawaiian Telcom Yellow Pages. Hawaiian Telcom Yellow Pages customers should treat any phone calls or e-mails coming from HawaiianTel YP with extreme caution.

We advise customers to be vigilant about protecting their personal information to avoid fraud. Customers are urged to report any suspicious phone calls immediately to our Customer Service department at 808-591-7500 or 866-813-0745. Concerns can also be emailed to customer.relations@theberrycompany.com.

Customers may also report any suspicious calls to the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Office of Consumer Protection (www.hawaii.gov/dcca/ocp).

Additional information on how to recognize false invoices can be found by visiting the Yellow Pages Association Web site at www.ypassociation.org.

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  1. Hawaiian Tel has changed the address of my workplace in the new white pages…and now the burden is on us to make the change. And live with an incorrect listing for a year. Thanks, HawTel! You gonna replace any misplaced grant funds?

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