*UPDATE* Unruly Passenger Forces Maui-bound Hawaiian Airlines Jet to Turn Around, Fighter Jets Scrambled

Unruly passenger forces Maui-bound Hawaiian Airlines jet to turn around, return to Portland, Ore.; fighter jets briefly scrambled – KGW-TV

From Breaking News Network

Did I mention I Fly go! Mokulele?


A Hawaiian Airlines flight has been diverted to Portland International Airport after a security concern on the plane. The plane landed safely and Port of Portland police are now investigating.

Two F-15 jets were sent to intercept the plane at about 1:30 PM according to Oregon Air National Guard…

More Here: Hawaii News Now

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  1. […] Airlines Flight Posted on January 7, 2010 by Damon Click here to view a video of the idiot that got “unruly” and made the Hawaiian Airlines plane fly back to Portland […]

  2. I’ll be one of the first to go psycho on any passenger that threatens the safety of the plane I’m riding on… “Let’s Roll!”

  3. While Mokuele is great… they do not fly to the mainland.

    I have been on a flight to Bonaire where this happened… it was not fun and we lost 12 hours at our destination because of the jerk. Fortunately we were in first class and did not have to suffer much.

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