The Silent Drill Team… Wow!

My wife has a couple cousins that were on the drill team in High School and used to do stuff like this… but nothing like this!

Could you imagine seeing this in person?

Yes, I know this video is kind of old… but the Coast Guard Channel is starting a new series on what it takes and they show these buggahs and I say with all the Military folks that live in Hawaii… they should come to Hawaii and perform here!


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  1. just wanted you guys to know that the Silent Drill Platoon is on Oahu, they are having performances tomorrow (3/11/10) @ Hale Koa Hotel and Friday (3/12/10) @ Kaneohe Marine Corps Base and in the evening @ Camp Smith.

    • Thanks for the update!

      I wanna see these buggahs some time… but right now I’m busy with some other work.


  2. They’ve been here! I saw them march at the MCB back in the late 1990s, and they have probably been here more recently, too.

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