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Sydney Ross Singer on Hawaii’s Mangrove Trees Being Poisoned in Herbicide Experiment and Left to Rot

The Following was submitted by Sydney Ross Singer:

There is a new type of disease that has gained a frightening foothold in Hawaii. It affects the mind, filling it with hate and rage, intolerance and paranoia, and leads to violence and acts of cruelty. Animals are slaughtered in cold blood, burned to death, or poisoned. Plants are ripped out by the roots or killed with herbicide. Entire areas are bulldozed to kill all that lives. Worst of all, those doing this destruction feel no remorse or conscience, since this disease fills their minds with a sense of self-righteousness, determination, and aggression, so much so that others stand by in silence and fear as they watch the destruction…

This disease is now causing people to attack the mangroves on the Big Island. They are being poisoned as an experiment, with the help of Monsanto, and are left to rot in place, polluting the water as they decay. Fish will die, nesting birds and other animals will be harmed, and the environment will look diseased. The attack is already underway, with only a few mangrove locations, such as Pohoiki, still scheduled for assault…

Why attack mangroves? Haven’t they been in Hawaii for over 100 years, brought here to help the environment? Don’t they clean the water and protect against storm surge? Aren’t they protected around the world for their importance to the preservation of coastlines? Don’t they create an important environment for fish and other life? Aren’t they beautiful and interesting trees that add to the biodiversity of our island?

The answer is yes.

Then why are they being targeted for eradication?

It is because they are “alien” and “don’t belong here”, according to those attacking them. They cite unpublished observations that suggest mangroves are bad for native fish. They don’t care about collateral damage to fish or other wildlife caused by poisoning the mangroves, since most of the victims are also “alien”. For them, the rot and smelly pollution of poisoned mangroves is preferable to allowing these “invasive alien intruders that can take over the islands”.

The disease is not new. It has manifested before as violence and hatred against blacks, Jews, gays, haoles, or anyone else considered different or “alien”. It is a xenophobia that has caused uncountable bloodshed and wars. But now this disease has taken on a new target – the environment, along with the animals and plants that live in it. It is a bio-xenophobia, and it is causing immense destruction to ecosystems, attacking plants and animals whose sole “crime” is that they came to Hawaii from somewhere else.

Instead of white supremacism, Hawaii suffers from species supremacism. It has the naïve goal of returning the islands to the way they were 400 years ago.

This species supremacism has taken over and destroyed the environmental movement whose goal had been to save the environment from development and pollution. Now, aggressive and angry “environmentalists” seek out alien species to destroy. Invasive Species Committees have organized, which are species supremacist groups that have partnered with the government. They have put laws in the books to force property owners to comply with their eradication efforts, and punish those harboring “aliens”.

The environment is no longer seen as good so long as it is clean, healthy and filled with wildlife. Now, the wildlife itself is targeted for destruction, including birds, lizards, insects, mammals, trees, fish, frogs, flowering bushes, and any other life form that was not originally in Hawaii prior to Western contact.

Never mind that we live on an island, and that everything had to come here from somewhere else on the planet. Everything living in Hawaii had been introduced one way or another. The species revered by native supremacists were themselves once immigrants. Killing species that have come to Hawaii over the past centuries will not return the islands to some “native” state. There really is no going back.

But ardent species supremacists are blinded by their passion, and will attack any species, even those that give food (such as cattle, pigs, strawberry guava and passion fruit), even by using experimental poisons and diseases (biocontrol), all in the name of environmental cleansing.

With a grant from the Hawaii Tourism Authority (which should not be giving money for such things), a small environmental group set out to destroy mangroves in Vacationland in Kapoho, which is zoned conservation land. Private property owners were notified, but the public was not, even though the mangroves are at the high tide mark and are therefore on public land. Never before were so many mangroves poisoned at once and left to rot in place. It is a test of a Monsanto herbicide, with the misnomer “Habitat”, to see what it would do to the mangroves, aquatic life, and the overall environment. Monsanto donated the poison.

Soon after, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife gave another grant to Malama o Puna to attack all the other mangroves on the Big Island. Several agencies were contacted, including the Hawaii Department of Health, Department of Land and Natural Resources, and the County of Hawaii. All allowed this experiment to continue with no environmental assessment (EA). This means that there was no way for the public to be intelligently informed about this mangrove eradication plan, it methods, its rationale, the potential adverse impacts to the environment and public, and it denied the right of citizens to comment on proposed changes to our environment. (Hawaii Revised Statute 343 requires an EA when state or county land or funds are used or when the land is shoreline or zoned conservation. Federal law would also require an EA since federal funding were also used.)

We must not allow these people to continue their defilement of our environment in the name of species cleansing. We must demand that the public be given a say in what happens to public land, public trees, and public animals. We must stand up to government corruption that looks the other way, and even encourages these deadly deeds without proper legal and scientific review and public comment.

Most importantly, we must reject the very notion that some species should be eradicated simply because they are not “native”. In human affairs we call this ethnic cleansing and genocide, and we have seen how ugly it is. It is no less ugly when unleashed on a plant or animal.

Sydney Ross Singer

Director, Good Shepherd Foundation

11 Responses

  1. I agree with Syd Singer regarding the mangroves.In most areas of the world mangrove ecosystems are protected for their value as “fisheries” — buffer ecosystems between land and open sea. Check out this Nature Conservancy Article about the value of mangroves. http://www.nature.org/magazine/summer2010/features/art31631.html

    I don’t see them pushing out some other desired ecosystem. Words like native and non-native and other black and white categories of good and bad – are superficial and often used to obscure some other agenda.
    I also agree that DLNR is attempting to block public input on issues of importance. We may all have differing opinions — but airing different perspectives should be a shared value — regardless which opinion you agree with.

    By the way Damon — thanks for being willing to post articles — even when you may not agree. MW

  2. The first thing you notice about mangroves is that they block physical and visual access to the ocean.That is, you cannot see the ocean and you cannot get to the ocean.
    Mangroves do not grow on the wave swept rocky shoreline but specialize in taking oven protected inlets and bays. These are the same rare places where people gather to enjoy the shoreline. John

  3. Recently Syd made a statement that the USFWS shut down the Mangrove eradication project.

    This however is far from the truth, and the village idiot was just telling another bold faced lie to the public.

    Syd may be finding himself in a lawsuit if he continues to attack the character of decent folks who are working to help the community.

    His idea that conservation workers are “native species supremacists”, comes from a sick deranged mind that need professional medical help!

  4. Sydney Singer is a crafty whackjob contrarian. Everybody, keep on protecting what you love! I would hate for shorelines to become so full of mangrove that shorefishing be impossible.

    • I am not sure how the Mangrove could be irradiated but I can say one thing.
      There may not be any shore fish to fish for if Monsanto is allowed to keep
      using their poisons. They are the ones we have to watch out for. Please do
      some research on that company. It will really give you food for thought.

      Their GMO’s are banned in Europe, they have put many farmers out of business and are not to be trusted.

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