If You Don’t Get Past the Fear… You Won’t Get the Reward – I’m Jumping Out of a Plane!

I was brought up with a belief that if you don’t get past your fears in life that you will pretty much stay in a victim state of mind.

You see you need to push past your fears to accomplish things in life.

I already mentioned earlier that I took the risk of Ziplining as a “First Client” for a Zipline Tour company that had not even installed their brakes in place.

Well on the last day of this year… I will be going Skydiving courtesy of Skydive Hawaii.

I’ll be expanding more on my pending Oahu trip… If I don’t make it back alive and I do die skydiving… I hereby claim everything that I may own  publicly to my wife.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity… I can’t think of a better way of ending the new year by jumping out of a plane!

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  1. In the sixty’s jumped with Aloha Skydivers at Kunea. Modified 28′, double L or TU cuts. Still have my old log book. Total 80 jumps. My instructer SGT. Ron Brissy (? spelling). USPCA B5677. Have a photo, exiting over plneapple fields at Kunea. Looking for old members or photos and information. Purchased a ParaComander, black and white checker board. 71 y.o.a. now

  2. No guts, no glory- Go for it! Something you’ll be able to tell your grandkids about :)

  3. Fly on, shine on, you crazy Damon

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