Astrology on Local Blogs? Give Me My Technology… I’m a VIRGO!

It seems a few local bloggers like to post astrological things on their blogs and seem to rely upon stars to answer their questions to life at times.

So if any of these local bloggers that rely upon the stars and astrology for answers could please answer my question as to why my internet service has been in and out since the last lightning storm we had… I’d be willing to listen!

I’m not knocking astrology at all… I’m a realist.

Someone predict that my internet will be working during this month on a consistent basis and then make it happen!

4 Responses

  1. Uranus is retrograde (no offense).

  2. I believe that Eris, the “10th planet,” controls digital connectivity — your Internet service, cellphone reception, etc.

  3. Why throw stones?

  4. Mercury may have been retrograde and Jupiter was conjunct a star and planet. Take your pick. Pluto is out there doing its tricks as well. I don’t like the look of Saturn – major disturbances in the space-time continuum might happen as it looks as though Venus is up its usual tricks and you know those two planets don’t get on very well.

    I hope that explains what’s going on.

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