Mayor Billy Kenoi: A New Year’s Message

The Big Island of Hawaii’s Mayor Billy Kenoi gives a New Year’s message at the 12th Annual Mochi Pounding in Wailea Village on December 27, 2009.

Video Courtesy of Island Trust Properties:


Better Go to the Bathroom Before Boarding Inter-Island Flights

The new US Homeland Security rules on flights may make going to the bathroom on inter- island flights impossible now:

Once in effect, passengers on flights of 90 minutes or less would most likely not be able to leave their seats at all, since airlines do not allow passengers to walk around the cabin while a plane is climbing to its cruising altitude, said the Times…

Dear Oceanic Time Warner… Fix My Roadrunner!

My internet service has been very inadequate for the last 4 days.

I called the day before Christmas to report this and it’s still sub standard.

I know you folks said that you will come to our house on Monday… but why can’t you give a more exact time then “Sometime between 8 and 4” !

And I’m telling you folks now… it’s not my place that there is a problem with… it is the entire area that is experiencing these problems so sending someone out to our house isn’t going to solve the problem.

I think when we had the lightning storms last week that one of the towers got popped and services are getting spread thin to those that have it at all.