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  1. Bitch bitch bitch…

    next year how about you volunteer… you go find/buy/steal a tree and put it up…

    Come one people, that was all done by volunteers, no one got paid, and it cost nothing…

    Damon, I have you done as the Pahoa Christmas Tree Coordinator and Fundraiser… I expect a perfect tree no matter what the cost next year.

    Damon – And I will put you down for the spellcheck list. LOL

    • And you have a problem with my spelling… oh well… I am used to being made fun of about my spelling…. that just means you lost the argument. :)

      Damon – LOL most folks that know me… know I tease about spelling. I’m the werst.

  2. Paging Charlie Brown, “Your tree has been located.” :)

    • I thought the same thing when they were putting this buggah up about a few weeks ago.

      • Maybe it is some sort of anorexia awareness-building PR stunt?

        • I think it’s more of a cool tree that really reflects upon Pahoa Town in a sense.

          Some may not like it… some may say it’s a disgrace to Christmas…

          But to some of us folks… I’m just glad there are a few members of this small community that would try and bring some spirit to this community.

          What would Charlie Brown do???

          I’ll embrace this little beloved tree that sits in our town center. I’m not even sure if it was placed there by a community organization or what… All I know… is it sits in the center of our small village here on the Big Island.

          Mele Kalikimaka

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