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Video of Last Nights Storm

Well we had quite a bit of excitement here on the Big Island.  The electrical storm was so intense… that at one point when I went to get a cup of water, when I touched the handle it actually shocked me.

I guess our house was literally charged like that last night.

Here is a short video of some of the lightning and thunder:


5 Responses

  1. That makes sense because it can travel through the pipes. The lightning safety sites like at NOAA say don’t use the water when there’s lightning. I thought that with PVC it would be ok but my son thinks no – water conducts electricity so it can travel through anyway.
    The news is sure slow to report this online. Yours is the first I found – good job! The other is at

  2. Damon – the faucet or cup handle shocked you?

  3. The lightning was right over our house here in Hawaiian Paradise Park. I’ve never heard lightning before yesterday. HUGE crackling sound from the kitchen area like things were breaking/exploding and then of course followed by a clap of thunder that shook the house, then big crackling sounds over the car port two more times.
    We heard a dog barking off in the distance and hoped it was indoors but probably not :-( Our cats hid under the beds. We stayed away from windows, faucets, electric appliances, etc. Man that was a big storm. My son saw a bolt of lightning, and we saw lots of pretty pink flashes in between the white ones. Just got back online after almost 24 hours. Civil defense told me one more storm is on its way but looks like more rain than anything and maaaaybe no lightning. LIghtning storms in Hawaii are different from the mainland summer ones in that we don’t get the thunderclouds as warnings – just the usual overcast you have with rain. The one part of the video we can see Damon – is that when the lighting lit things up?

  4. wow the weather was pretty nuts there wasn’t it… here in Honolulu was normal… I am tripping out that even with the rain and all, that the Coqui can still be heard chirping in the background…now thats LOUD!!!!

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