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  1. It’s yet another site making a SWAG. Like some similar sites, if you type in gibberish and put a dot-com and the end and hit return. Guess what, that site is worth at least $2K. Might as well just register a ton of nonsense domains and sell them for $2/each, you’d get rich!

    • Make that for $2K/each nonsense domain, not $2.

    • Can you prove this?

      I don’t necessarily believe it… and I know myself that it’s not worth as much as they say.

      But I’m curious how they come across data and put value on sites?

      • They probably scrape Alexa or Technorati to determine site traffic and multiply it by some number pulled from their okole.

        • I believe I did register for those sites but have not been active AT ALL with them.

          From what folks are telling me… I could do a lot to get much more page views on this site.

          I’ll work with them in the future… this blog was just my own personal blog…

          It is interesting to see numbers come in from different analytical sites.

          Is there a site that I need to be aware of as a blogger to really track what’s going on?

  2. what about hawaii247.org?

    • You can stick their website and see for yourself. With a couple people writing posts for them they are at $166,723 as of this reply.

      I sure wish I had other folks writing for me or the experience of Paid Journalism to help my writing better like them.

  3. “Blog valuation” is a load of crap. The value of something is, by definition, what you can sell it for. Which, in the case of a personal publishing effort, is next to nothing (since the value derives from your personal work).

    In terms of investment, are you really making $30K / year in advertisement? That’s what you’d need to justify $150K investment valuation at a 5:1 Price-to-Earnings ratio, which is highly generous. If you really wanted to trade equity for investment, you’d be lucky to get 3 times your annual earnings.

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