1966 Yap and the Outer Islands… A Photo Journal (Part II)

Yesterday I began a new series on my families adventures in Yap and the outer Islands of Yap in 1966, before I was even born.  None of these pictures have been published before and I hope you folks enjoy seeing them.

I’ll continue it today without any commentary.  I’m sending pictures off to my uncles and mom and letting them comment on them… however, I don’t want to overwhelm them w/ all of the pictures I have.

They are welcome to comment here if they want to.

In the following pictures… I just wanted to introduce you to my Grandparents, my mom and my two uncles who will be in a lot of the pictures that I will be posting.

Dr. Perry and Elizabeth Rowe, my grandparents, arriving on Satawal Atoll in 1966 (© Damon Tucker)

Sitting patiently listening to the islanders talk. (© Damon Tucker)

My Mom's Youngest brother, Uncle Bob and a local friend (© Damon Tucker)

My Mom's Oldest Brother, Uncle Mike and two locals ( © Damon Tucker)

Uncle Bob with some more respected elderly. (© Damon Tucker)

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      1. Wow…these are people from my island (Satawal) in Yap.

      2. Wow what a great story! I love the pictures what a step back into time! Thank you for sharing!

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