It’s Official… Dr. James Weatherford is a Candidate for District 5 (At Least Online)

I just noticed over at Dr. James Weatherford’s Blog that it looks like he has switched from James Weatherford, community blogger… to Dr. James Weatherford candidate for District 5 County Council Seat.

I’ve enjoyed reading his blog, but unfortunately the FBI Blogs has a strict policy that it will not have any actual candidates on the site.

I do suggest everyone to check out his site when you get a chance and I wish Dr. Weatherford the best of luck in his run for County Council.

If your not elected and continue to blog… I will have no problem putting your blog back on the FBI Site.

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  1. Aloha Damon,

    Glad to see you are keeping an eye on my site. Please do keep reading it on your own.

    Thank you for your good wishes and for linking my site to FBI blog up to now.

    Your fair and equitable treatment of all candidates is to be applauded.

    My campaign will be making press releases and distributing them to you and others to use as you deem appropriate. If you have any particular policy on press releases, please let me know when you have an opportunity.

    Yes, I’m in and in to win.

    Some wise and experienced folks in the District have advised me that I will need to develop some ‘thick skin’ for the campaign. That is proving to be very worthwhile advice.

    I am anything but a ‘conventional politician’ and my campaign will be anything but a ‘conventional’ campaign.
    Time for a change.

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