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A Two Newspaper Day? And Even Mayor Kenoi Can’t Get High Speed Internet

I have finally gotten a chance to read both Nancy Cook Lauer, of the West Hawaii Tribune, and Peter Sur, of the Hawaii Tribune, articles today on Mayor Kenoi’s press conference that he held yesterday and all I can say is it sure seems they have two completely different spin on things.

I just wanted to say one thing in regards to the West Hawaii’s Tribune statement of:

…As someone new to public office, Kenoi, 41, has had his issues about being in the public spotlight and dealing with the press. Even West Hawaii Today’s attempts to sit down with him to discuss his first year in office were met with two weeks of stonewalling and cancellations, before he decided instead to go with a formal behind-the-podium press conference format instead of a one-on-one interview

I think this is a pretty harsh statement. I attended this Press Conference and that was as close to one on one as anyone could ask. In fact the email announcing the Press Conference only went out maybe 5-6 hours before it was held.

I would hardly call it “Formal” other then the fact that he tried not to stray away away from what he previously intended on talking about and I’m pretty sure he would have stepped away from the podium and  just sat down and talked with us.

The layout of that room and because the amount of people that could have come… justified the podium.  I really doubt he needed it and probably would have loved to get off his feet anyhow.

There were in fact only two “paid journalist” in that tiny room, and the other two people were Dave Corrigan of Big Island Video News and myself and Mayor Kenoi gave us ample time to ask him any questions that any of us wanted to ask him.

The other folks in the room were about 5-7 of his staff, however, there was no attempt to stifle any conversation between any of us.

It’s good that we have two newspapers in town, but it’s becoming more and more apparent, that the news isn’t always telling the news the way it is.

You can view a video of the first few minutes and last few minutes of this press conference here.

I will reiterate that Mayor Kenoi gave us all multiple chances to ask him anything we wanted… Of course I got tongue tied.

I did find out one thing though… Mayor Kenoi doesn’t even have High Speed Internet at his house because the infrastructure isn’t in place for it.

I’m pretty sure Big Island Video News will be posting footage that he also took of the press conference as well.

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  1. Whoa – that picture could give people migraines. I mean it, I can’t look at it for more than a couple of seconds before my brain starts telling my eyes to sort themselves out and my eyes tell my brain to sort itself out. Then we get a feedback loop.


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