“Your Opinon” On State of Our State Survey Results

Lt. Governor Duke Aiona ran a survey recently and here are the results that were released today:

Is Hawai‘i headed in the right direction or are things off on the wrong track?
Right direction (23%)
Wrong track (63%)
Undecided (14%)
Taxes in our state are __________?
Too high (70%)
Too low (10%)
Just right (14%)
Undecided (6%)
Is Hawai‘i a business-friendly state?
Yes (4%)
No (88%)
Undecided (8%)
Do you support using tax credits to diversify the economy?
Yes (72%)
No (15%)
Undecided (13%)
Do you believe that educational choices, such as charter schools and home-schooling, are valuable alternatives to traditional public schools?
Yes (84%)
No (12%)
Undecided (4%)
Do you believe our children are well-served by a centralized statewide school board or would local school boards be more effective?
Centralized school board (8%)
Local school board (79%)
Undecided (13%)
Have you heard of the Hawai‘i Clean Energy Initiative (HCEI)?
Yes (72%)
No (28%)
Do you support the goal of obtaining 70% of Hawai`i’s energy from renewable resources by 2030?
Yes (83%)
No (4%)
Undecided (13%)
Do you support giving tax credits to people using solar, wind, and other forms of renewable energy?
Yes (83%)
No (12%)
Undecided (5%)
Do you support measures to increase the use of non-fossil fuels, even if it would mean you would pay more for gasoline and electricity?
Yes (38%)
No (38%)
Undecided (25%)
Do you feel that the state of Hawai`i is prepared for a natural or manmade disaster?
Natural (13%)
Manmade (1%)
Both (29%)
Neither (57%)
Have you heard of the Recreational Renaissance Plan?
Yes (19%)
No (81%)
Do you support raising park fees for visitors and some boating fees to repair and renovate our parks and harbors?
Yes (62%)
No (29%)
Undecided (9%)
Should the government increase commercial fishing regulations to enhance safeguards for marine life?
Yes (66%)
No (19%)
Undecided (15%)
Should the government enact medical malpractice insurance reform to curb the costs of frivolous lawsuits against Hawai`i’s doctors?
Yes (86%)
No (7%)
Undecided (7%)
Are tax incentives effective in encouraging individuals and their employers to purchase long-term care insurance?
Yes (45%)
No (26%)
Undecided (29%)
Should the government pursue policies that encourage more insurance providers to enter the State to increase competition in the healthcare coverage market?
Yes (83%)
No (5%)
Undecided (12%)
What do you think about the current scope and size of the Hawai`i state government?
Too big (83%)
Too small (3%)
Just right (14%)
Which social issues are more important to you? (Select up to three.)
Homelessness (46%)
Drug abuse (56%)
Domestic violence (38%)
Preserving traditional marriage (45%)
Mental health services (21%)
Underage drinking (13%)
Poverty (30%)
Foster care/adoptions (10%)
Medicare/Medicaid (29%)

One Response

  1. Perhaps one of the questions should have been, “Do you support the legalization of cannabis to improve our economy, free our prisoners and bring unlimited tourism to our State?”

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