Another Wreck Off Highway 130

I was actually heading to check out the sign waving event that was going to be taking across the street and when I arrived it turns out I just missed a big wreck.

The officers at the scene told me that the driver would be ok.

I’m not gonna speculate on the accident and what was told to me by an officer about the accident was off the record.

I was amazed at how far off the main Highway the car cruised before crashing into the tree.

I would say the car traveled at least 200 – 300 feet off the Highway before coming to rest.

It truly is amazing that no one got seriously injured.

And fortunately it happened just about a mile away from the new Fire Station so they could respond fast.

Like I said before, I’m glad the driver is OK and that no one was seriously hurt.

This all happened at the intersection of Highway 130 and Pahoa Kapoho Rd (Right across from Pahoa High School) around 3:00 this afternoon.


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