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  1. Also NOT “unemployed”:

    – students graduated from high school or college and seeking work
    – homemakers who must seek work due to a spouse being laid off
    – anyone who quit a job
    – anyone fired from a job
    – anyone formerly incarcerated and now seeking work
    – anyone who as been on welfare and is seeking work
    – any retiree who must seek work because their savings dissappeared in the stock crash

    The only people who are officially “unemployed” are those people who worked under COVERED employment (all that under the table work doesn”t count) and who become unemployed due to no fault of their own, AND are eligible for unemployment benefits.

    OHHH, and all of you who have used up all your unemployment benefits and still can’t find a job…. you aren’t “unemployed” either.

    The US is scared to publish the real unemployment statistics.

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