Transfer Stations Going Back to Early Morning Schedule

From the Mayors Office:

Most County of Hawai‘i solid waste transfer stations will be scheduling early morning hours again to accommodate morning commuters with rubbish to dump.

The County’s Department of Environmental Management announced recently that on December 1, a new schedule would eliminate early morning hours at all transfer stations except Hilo, Kailua and Waimea to improve management of the stations and save costs.

In response to many residents’ concerns about the change in hours, however, 11 transfer stations will be opening at 6:30 a.m. again on certain days for the convenience of early morning commuters beginning December 15.

Click here for the hours and location of your nearest transfer station.

One Response

  1. Well… it is only a slight change for us. Instead of no days before 8 am, one of the three days it will open at 6:30 instead of 8 am. The new hours suck completely. Our station is only open three days a week and closes at 4 on all three of them. It is almost as bad as the $2 a bag plan. Ironically this is to supposedly save $$ by not having to hire guards 7 days a week. We have been using the transfer station 4 days a week for a year and NEVER once have I ever seen the guards check what people are dumping. I have seen entire pick up trucks full of construction junk being dumped in there and the guards just sit and smile. I wonder if this is a situation that could be helped by volunteers? Or mandatory pick up in the city limits as they do on the mainland?

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