The Media Meets Madame Pele… Courtesy of Lava Ocean Adventure Tours

Today was the second of three days of a Big Island Visitor Bureau Adventure package for some mainland media as well as some Big Island Media folks.

Today’s trip, was an early wake up call and a visit to see Madame Pele (The Kilauea Lava Flow) from the boat “Lavakai” from the company “Lava Ocean Adventure Tours“.

We arrived at Pohoiki (Isaac Hale Park) precisely at 4:30 this morning for sign in and debriefing of what was going to take place and some of the general rules of the boat.

We got on the “Lavakai” at Pohoiki  and then they pulled the boat behind a truck to the launch ramp where they lowered us into the ocean for our adventure.

After what I thought was an exciting 20 minute ride that they warned us in advance that if you were prone to seasickness… this may not be the ride for you we finally arrived at where the lava entered the ocean.


As the sun started coming up, we started to get an even better glimpse of Madame Pele at its best.

After about an hour of boating up and down the coast where it appeared that lava was entering the ocean in about 6-7 places all at the same spot, we finally turned around and made one last pass by the spectacles and headed back home.


Of course one of the questions they always get asked, is how hot is the water.

So of course the simplest solution was to dip a bucket in and let us feel for ourselves.  It felt very hot… but not scalding hot.  Of course this was about 50 feet away from the lava and the water was considerably cooled down.

It was a great time had by all and expect some media coverage of this in the next few days.

The weather was absolutely perfect and even someone who had been on the trip three times before, mentioned this was the best viewing she had ever seen.

Mahalo BIVB and Lava Ocean Adventure Tours

You can click on the pictures below for larger images:

4 Responses

  1. Damon, we took this trip yesterday morning after seeing you blog about it. This trip is amazing! Unforgettable– we had a blast and would recommend it to anyone who wants to see the lava-ocean entry as close as is safely possible.

    Should mention that the bucket that they’re carrying around in one of those photos is full of HOT OCEAN WATER and not something else!

  2. Great shots Damon. This is certainly worth waking up early for.

  3. Amazing! What’s the $$$?

  4. AWESOME pictures!!!!!

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