Where I Am… NOW

Today marks what will be an incredible three days of excitement for me.

Today, I’m off on a customized Waipio Rim Hike Adventure courtesy of Hawaii Forest & Trail and the Big Island Visitors Bureau.

I’ll write more about my adventure when I get back home.  The following is just a picture I snagged off Flickr:

This is pretty exciting for me.  I’ve been down into the valley, but never had the the opportunity to walk around the rim of the valley.

What’s even more exciting, is meeting the folks from the magazines that I’m going on this 3 day whirlwind excursion with.

I’ll write more about who they are and what magazines/online sites they represent in the following days.

I’d just like to say thanks ahead of time for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I’m not sure if I will have access to post to my blog from the rim of the Valley so I have pre set the timing of  this post to be posted to my blog at about the same time I think I’ll be hitting the Rim of Waipio Valley.

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