The Grinch That’s Running Over the Pahoa CHRISTmas Parade!

So I get home and I check my email and I get this letter CC’d to me by a Nancy **** ******.

I’m just gonna put it out there as she CC’d this to a bunch of us including the Mayors Office, Senator Hanohano, and Councilwoman Naeole just to name the elected public officials on this list.

This is the first letter she sent to all of us:

Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2009 12:00 PM

Subject: RE: Pahoa ” Holiday ” Parade

I feel compelled to speak to this issue because of the misperception that the Christian celebration is “the reason for the season”.  It’s a catchy phrase but not accurate.  Christian representation is generally outnumbered by those who observe other religions and those who adopt philosophies and/or ethical codes in place of religion.  Yet we as a people have celebrations this time of year and observe the pre-Christian traditions of gift giving and tree decorating.

Pahoa Main Street is a business organization.  I do not pay my dues to Pahoa Main Street to support any religion.  I must not be the only one or the membership would not have changed the name of the parade and the charter of the organization does not include the promotion of Christianity.

The fact is that the event is secular, put on by a business organization.  It is either for the community at large or Pahoa Main Street should not be the sponsor.

In fact, the date for Christian giving of gifts is on January 6, not on December 25, as that is the traditional celebration date for the visit from the three kings to the infant Jesus.  The giving of gifts during the time of the winter solstice is did not begin as a Christian tradition, nor did the trimming of trees.

If your church or any other Christian church wishes to have a parade with religious themed presentations… nativity scenes, the presentation of the gifts by the wise men, reading of scripture, and no Santa Claus, no snow men, sleighs, trimmed trees, or any other secular manifestations, then it is appropriate to call the parade a Christmas parade.

The decision to spend money is a very personal one.  Yes, there are people who will not attend events where they have been made to feel unwelcome by unexpected Christian expressions just as there are Christians who choose to spend their money at only with Christian merchants.  The purpose of Pahoa Main Street is to promote Pahoa as a place for all to come.

Nancy **** ******

Then she sends the following to only 5 of us w/ no elected officials and please note the very bottom of the message:

Just so you know…I have had four emails and three walk-in responses that whole-heartedly support my statements. *****, ***** and **** spoke for the name change.

Pahoa Main Street Association is operating under IRS sec 501 (c). Do the by-laws include promotion of religion as an exempt purpose of the association? Please be aware that a tax-exempt organization must report a change of exempt purpose to the IRS.

I respect the Christian traditions; my own personal religious preferences are not germane. PMSA is a community organization and its role is to promote the Pahoa community. Christians are welcome to participate and have done so. However, this event is not sponsored by Christians.

Damon, I trust that you will respect the community at large as a judge, even though your October 20 blog did not.

Well quite frankly I’m quite confused how I even got involved in this, but I’ve looked through my October 20th posts as well as my November 20ths post.

And quite frankly I’m pissed that you would say I have no respect for this community at all lady… when I love this community and bleed for Pahoa. I tell people all the time publicly how I’m trying to make this a better place for everyone in the future!

And just so everyone knows… these were my replies…

This was the first message before I saw her condescending email:

Please leave me out of this Nancy,

I have informed Maddie a few days ago that something much bigger in my life has come up on that day and won’t be in town so unfortunately I will not have the pleasure of judging.

I believe another judge may have been selected.

With that said… I will make this last comment, when people use religious statements to take away from childrens fun… it sickens me.

Damon Tucker

And this was the second note when I asked her about that October 20th statement:

Nancy… wtf are you talking about?

…Damon, I trust that you will respect the community at large as a judge, even though your October 20 blog did not.

What are you talking about my October 20th blog?

I just looked and I never even wrote about the Parade on October 20th. Here are the posts that I posted on October 20th.

When you accuse a blogger of something like this… Please have the EXACT URL you are referring to. I just looked at Novembers 20ths post as well.

Please point me to where I have ever not respected the “Community at Large”

4 Responses

  1. Last time I checked Christmas was a National Holiday… Meaning that The federal Government Recognizes it….

    As for Religion being there… The only one I noticed was the Hindu (I think) float…. so from what I saw there was little or no Christian Religion in the Parade.

  2. While Nancy is correct in her reasoning and rationale, her conclusions are patently false. Like she so eloquently put it, this “holiday parade” is open to everyone. So if the vast majority of participants are Christian and celebrating with Christmas floats, decorations and symbols, that’s their right to do so. God bless them. If she wants more representation from other religions, there’s nothing stopping her from building her own float.

  3. Damon,

    this Nancy person is a CPA who is obviously seeking some attention, most likely for her business or her ego. I believe that she is operating under that old adage of, “any publicly even bad, is better than no publicly at all” We might keep this in mind if you should have the need of a CPA, I wonder if anyone has sent her beliefs to the IRS. I also wonder how many IRS agents are believers in Christianity? Forget I even said that, that’s not a Christian thing to do. I should be beat-up by a tribe of pygmies in equatorial Africa for the mire mention of the IRS.

    The Lack

  4. Well, you know, she’s not wrong. Just way to obtuse. And fighting a losing battle. You can easily change rules, but you’ll never change culture.

    Besides, if the Parade is open for all orgs, even a Buddhist temple or a Mosque, then what’s the beef?

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