KTA Super Stores Kona Coffee Recipe Contest Winners Announced

The 39th annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival celebrated their tastiest event, the KTA Super Stores Kona Coffee Recipe Contest, at the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa. Professionals, amateurs, and culinary students competed in two divisions, entrée and dessert. Keiki (12 years and younger) competed in the dessert division only. Winners received a trophy or ribbon, a KTA Gift Certificate or cash prizes.

The KTA Super Stores Kona Coffee Recipe Contest is a signature event of the 39th annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival.

2009 Kona Coffee Recipe Contest Winners

Professional Entrée First – Morgan Starr (Mi’s Italian Bistro) – Kona Coffee Encrusted Carpaccio of Big Island Beef Tenderloin

Second – Cliften Loetree Berry (Kohala Pacific Diner) – Kona Coffee Braised Big Island Red Veal Osso Bucco

Third – William Trask, AAC (Chef Consultant) – Kona Coffee Rubbed Slow Roasted Boneless Spareribs with Kona Coffee BBQ Sauce served with chili beans, mango papaya salsa and corn bread

Professional Dessert

First – Suzanne Bearth – Pot de Crème au Kona Coffee with Mocha Petit Fours

Second – Kristin Lowder (Makalii Catering) – Kona Coffee Chocolate Truffles

Third – Amy Turner (Sweet Legacies) – Kona Bombshell Truffles

Amateur Entrée Division

First – Kelli Siefke – Kona Coffee Pork Tenderloin

Second – Jane Dierenfield – Kona Coffee Lamb Shank Stew

Amateur Dessert Division

First – Harland Hays – Coffee Truffles

Second – Edgar Ombac – Filipino 100% Kona Coffee & Chocolate Leche Flan

Third – Patti Faisca – Coffee Pumpkin Cheese Cake

Culinary Student Entrée Division

First – Ashley Delos Santos (Konawaena High School) – Spinach Chicken Roll Up with Kona Coffee Butter Sauce & Kona Coffee Risotto

Second – Lora Jade Martin (Kealekehe High School) – Pork Skewers with Coffee Glaze and Rice Coffee Pilaf

Culinary Student Dessert Division

First – Krisielle Jane Molina (Konawaena High School) – Café Leche Flan

Second – Brandon Domingo (Hawaii Community College – W. Hawaii) – Kona Coffee Genoise with Raspberry Filling

Third – Ashley Delos Santos (Konawaena High School) – Café Mocha

Keiki Dessert Division

First – Mika Bettencourt – Kona Coffee Lava Flow

Second – Tehani Walker-Bray – Kona Mocha Cream Roll

Third – Emily McKinley – Kona Coffee Tiramisu with Lilikoi Coulee

Judges graded entries on a 40-point scale: Presentation and Impression (5 points), Plate Design (5 points), Composition/Harmony of Ingredients (10 points), Preparation and Craftsmanship (15 points) and Serving Methods and Portions (5 points).

During the judging the public enjoyed The Big Island Showcase of products and Kona coffee recipes. They tasted 100% Kona coffee from Fike Farms of Hawaii, Island Sun Coffee, and Kona Coffee & Tea Company, sampled treats from the Original Hawaiian Chocolate; Kona Brewing Company, Royal Kona Coffee; Big Island Bees – Hawaiian Apiaries, Kona Pure Deep Sea Salt, Kona Earthly Delights Farm, Kona Joe Coffee; and watched a live cooking demonstration presented by Chef Paul Heerlein, Chef Instructor, Hawaii Community College – West Hawaii.

To request winners recipes or digital images please contact Jeannette Vidgen at Current Events 808-326- 7820 or email: jvidgen@current-events.com

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  1. Wholesale Kona Coffee,
    Hawaii247.org reprinted all the winning recipes in a series of six posts.
    Start here: http://www.hawaii247.org/2009/11/29/kccf-recipe-winners-ready-set-cook/
    Hope that helps and let us know how they all turn out!

  2. I would love the recipe for so many of these, especially the kona coffee barbecue sauce .. any way to get them?

  3. to get the best taste you need to air roast your beans and not to rack dry leaving them on metal racks. then you come to price and most are outrageous to were the little taste or quality difference isnt worth the price difference. theres only a couple of farms selling the highest quality products and the lowest cost and its usually the smaller owned and operated plantations.

  4. Wish I was there!!!

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