*Update* Would You Pay $2.00 Per Trash Bag at Transfer Stations… The Poll


As of  9:00 this evening here is the current results:

Yes 15% (8 votes)
No 81% (43 votes)
Other: 4% (2 votes)
Voting remains open below:

Big Island residents can expect a bevy of new charges and fee increases as the county Department of Environmental Management strives to become financially self-sufficient. The department wants to create and raise fees to wean itself from the general fund, which is paid by property taxes…

…The most controversial so far is a “pay as you throw” plan that would phase in a per-bag fee of $2 to $2.50 for residential garbage. The program, to be phased in over three years, might be replaced with a line-item property tax increase in the face of public opposition… Your Rubbish Will Cost Cash

So I’ll run this poll and see what folks think:
[polldaddy poll=2319324]

The Coolest Damn Lava Video You Will Ever See

David Beliën set out for a quest to Hawaii to attempt to Blow a Lava Bubble instead of glass. To do so he had to get beyond the normal viewing area. Nice detail is that afterwords Pele trembled and shook… we had to get out of there…… VERY quick. Luckily nothing happened.


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Just a quick warning… this video is kind of gross in a sense… but it’s really  kind of cool!


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