Margaret Wille Joins Twitter… And Grandma Florence of Maui

I’m pretty stoked to announce that The Kohala Blog founder Margarette Wille has joined twitter.

She had some difficulty setting up her initial account and removed them and I noticed in her blog posting today she has made the formal announcement:

…As many of you know, lately Damon has been pushing twitter. So with difficulty and problems I have taken that leap. My twitter username is @Himargaretwille – in case you are interested.

This is great news… and I hope she starts using it effectively to find folks from through out the world that are interested in her issues she blogs about.

Some folks think that Twitter is only for younger folks… but believe it or not Florence Hasegawa over on Maui is 101 years old and tweets daily.

101 Year old Maui Tweeter Florence Hasegawa @grandmaflorence

You can check her account at @Grandmaflorence

Her most recent tweet to the world:

My grandsons arriving for Patty’s b’day and bringing food here tomorrow. I need to put on some weight so I’ll just eat like a grandma pig! 8:41 AM Nov 28th from web

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  1. Amazing! I’m reposting on Facebook and Twitter!

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