What in the World is This?

My wife has  a pretty extensive bug collection, however I have never seen this bug I saw today.

I went outside and this weird looking bug that looked like a huge mosquito was flying around me and it finally landed.  I grabbed my camera and got the following pictures.

Upon closer review of this bug… it had two white front feet or arms or what ever you want to call them but it was rubbing them together.

It just sat there for awhile and didn’t seem to be bothered by me putting the camera in front of it’s face.  A typical fly would have flown away as I got within about 3 inches from it.

So does anyone know what this buggah is?

One Year Ago Today… The Day We Lost a Hunter to Our Mayor

One of the persons that inspired me to start my blog was former Hawaii Tribune Journalist turned blogger Hunter Bishop.

Public Information Specialist Hunter Bishop and the Mayor at the Puna Geothermal 15 Year Anniversary Celebration

A year ago today, he announced on his blog that he would no longer be blogging and would be accepting a job as Mayor Kenoi’s Public Information Specialist.

Many folks were suspicious of Mayor Kenoi’s choices initially at who he brought in on his Mayoral “Team” as many of his closest aides were former journalists.

I openly supported Angel Pilago in his Mayoral race against Mr. Kenoi and some folks often said that Mr. Bishop was an adamant supporter of Mr. Kenoi.  I never saw it that  way.

Mr. Bishop always used his blog to tell the story as he saw it and he based his blog with facts and investigative research, something that many of us bloggers no longer seem to think is important.

Within a week or so after Mayor Kenoi took office and Mr. Bishop assumed his duties, I started receiving Press Releases directly from their office as well as other folks throughout the State that I guess Mayor Kenoi and his cabinet felt would do a decent job of getting the news out.

This surprised me, as I was a supporter of Mayor Kenoi’s opponent but I knew from that point on… that the selection of Hunter Bishop as the Public Information Specialist was one of the smartest decisions that Mayor Kenoi made.

I said the following a year ago and I will still say the same today:

Congrats Hunter!

The Blogging worlds loss is the islands gain!