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Two Weeks of Palani Road Work Begins Monday

Media Release:

Roadwork on Palani Road in North Kona begins Nov. 30 and will continue through Dec. 14.

From Nov. 30 to Dec. 4, Bolton Inc., will resurface and widen Palani Road near Grace Community Church .  Night roadwork hours are 8 p.m. to 4:30 a.m.  Off-duty officers will direct traffic and motorists should expect delays. Future night roadwork is planned for later to install a turn lane.

During the week of Dec. 7-14, Bolton personnel will work on a water system for Grace Community Church . Traffic is not affected


The week of Dec. 2-4, HELCO will install four concrete utility poles, at the intersection of  Palani Road , Palihiolo Street and at the new Kealaka’a Extension Street .  Phone and cable work is scheduled to begin early 2010, after the utility poles are installed.

From Dec. 7-10, traffic on Palani Road will be re-routed to the new Kealaka’a Street Extension and to Ulua‘o‘a Street. HELCO will lay the foundation to begin work on transmission lines.  Kealaka’a Street to Palihiolo Street will be closed.

One night during the week of Dec. 14, traffic on Palani Road will again be re-routed to the new Kealaka’a Street Extension and to Ulua‘o‘a Street.  HELCO will transfer power lines from Kealaka’a Street to Laimana Street .

HELCO will hire Aloha Security to direct traffic during roadwork between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Palihiolo Street remains closed and residents of Queen Liliuokalani subdivision are asked to continue using Konalani Street .

Call the County hotline at 334-9559 for project updates for Grace Community Church and HELCO.

The Tale of the Couple Found a Drift at Sea the Other Day

This isn’t the story that I blogged about where the Cruise ship and the Coast Guard rescued the couple, this is another couple that were just found a drift this past week.

…The two placed notices stating their availability to sail boats for hire and hit paydirt when Clarke needed to get his boat, the J Bird, from Oahu to Hawaii.

Fredo, Luke and Allyson spent Sunday night on the sailboat, getting used to the vessel in preparation for Monday’s departure. Luke promised Allyson he would call often and if he couldn’t contact his parents, she would relay the duo’s status charting the Pacific Ocean…

…The duo had not made it far into the channel when the J Bird’s rudder broke. With its sails up, the boat began to spin. The big swells capsized the sailboat. Luke was washed into the cabin, then somehow flung to the edge of the bow when the weighted hull righted the boat. Fredo pulled him to safety.

The men lost their cell phones and the J Bird’s radio was destroyed when the sailboat turned over.

Fredo had the presence of mind to take down the sails and use them as a sea anchor to limit the boat’s drift. He also took the boat’s running lights off and hooked them to a generator, put them on a pole and fashioned an improvised strobe light. By the time night fell Monday, Luke and Fredo were adrift in the Pacific, engulfed in a blackness neither one had ever experienced.

Around midnight Monday a cargo ship passed the J Bird, saw the strobe and circled the boat, then moved off. In the light cast by the strobe, Luke saw sharks swimming alongside the sailboat.

Fredo remained confident they would be rescued. After the sun rose Tuesday, the two planned to ration what food they had and to catch some of the tuna following the boat.

The day passed slowly. The ocean was a vast, empty space…

Full Story:  “Galesburg couple’s son found after going a drift in the Pacific

Keiki Slippah Wish Project Well Underway

For folks that don’t know Lynn Vasques-DelCerna (AKA Auntie Pupule = Twitter @pupule ) she has run the Keiki Slippah Wish Project on a volunteer basis for the last few years now.

What started as a small gift to the kids in Mayor Wrights Housing where she used to live because she was tired of seeing the kids run around barefeet has spread across the entire Hawaii Island chain.

Lynn Distributing Slippahs

I asked her about how many slippahs she has handed out and she stated:

“Last year, I stopped counting after 5,000.  The estimated amount exceeded 50,000+

I asked her if she wanted to thank anyone in particular for the help that she has received over the years and she stated:

Everyone involved deserves a SHOUTOUT!  We do from our hearts for those less fortunate than ourselves.  Christmas is a time of sharing, giving, a time for the children to be happy.

Dreams and Wishes comes true; you just gotta believe!

So if you would like to donate to this project, I’m sure she can use assistance in all forms, especially folks on outer islands with a truck.

Check it out they are non-profit:

… In Nov. 2009, with the help of another legendary local woman, Kehaulani Watson, we began the process of setting up The Slippah Foundation, a genuine 501c3 nonprofit corporation! The board consists of Lynn, Kehau and me. We have incorporated, held our first meeting of the board, and are now in the process of getting a Employer Identification Number (EIN), after which we can set up a “real” bank account, when it will become “official.” When that happens, we’ll announce it loudly to the world, right here on – Blaine Ferguson

Rethink on Behalf of the Indigenous People

Fiu Mataese is the Executive Director of the Siosiomaga Society (OLSSI) a nature conservation organization based in Samoa.

Fiu also helped provide leadership for the Pacific delegation to the first ever Summit on climate change for Indigenous Peoples held in Anchorage Alaska during the month of April 2009.