Oahu Drunk Drivers Beware… Your Faces are Going on the Internet

The Honolulu Police Department is going to be starting to put faces of folks who have been arrested but not convicted of Drunk Driving offenses on it web site located here: 

I’m not sure how I feel about them putting peoples faces up before they have had their day in court.

I remember Ian Lind writing about the Police Department over on Oahu actually having a blog, the “HPD Blog“, so I actually checked it out today and it looks like that’s directly where some of our local news stations are picking up their news stories from. I won’t say it’s word for word, but reading some of the back posts sounds almost identical to what has been said on a few newscasts on different stations.

A recent entry reads like this:

…During routine questioning the male provided the officer with another person’s identification and did not produce the vehicles registration.  A sergeant asked the driver to remove the ignition key for safety reasons and extended his arm into the vehicle to take control of the keys.  But instead of handing over the keys, the suspect turned on the ignition and started driving, dragging the sergeant several feet.  The first officer saw the sergeant being dragged, pulled out his firearm and fired three rounds at the vehicle.  The vehicle fled the area and was last seen on South King Street…


…The first set of 56 photos were posted on the department’s web site (www.honolulupd.org) today around 11:30 a.m., an hour and a half later than originally scheduled. HPD officials soon discovered that the photos can only be viewed by those using Internet Explorer as their web browser. Visitors using Safari, Firefox or other browsers are only able to view the introductory text that accompanies the photos…

Browser Issues Limit access to new HPD Drunk Driver Photos

New Zealand Prime Minister “Delayed in Honolulu”

The Prime Minister’s flight to a Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting has been delayed in Honolulu…

…A spokeswoman for (Prime Minister John) Key says after arrival in Hawaii routine maintenance work uncovered a problem which is being looked at. The plane has not broken down, she says…

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