Who, Where or What is the Hawaii County “Traffic Safety Council” as Mandated

I sent the following email of to State Transportation Director Jiro Sumada:

Dear Mr. Jiro Sumada,

I was curious who is on the Big Island County Traffic Safety Council or if one has even been implemented as required by law.

See page 15 of the 2010 Highway Safety Plan:

The Governors of all states are mandated by federal law 23 U>S>C. 402 to establish and implement a statewide highway safety program.  Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) delegates this aoutority to the Director of Transportation as the Governor’s Highway Safety Representative.  The HRS also establishes a State Highway Safety Council to advise the Director of Transportation on highway safety inssues and establishes County Traffic Safety Councils”  Background of the 2010 Hawaii Highway Safety Plan

I received the following reply:

Each mayor is responsible for the selection of their County Traffic Safety Council. From what we understand, Mayor Kenoi has recently selected members for the Hawaii Traffic Safety Council. For the list of members and upcoming events, we suggest that you contact the Hawaii County Mayor’s Office at (808) 961-8211.

My understanding is that in the past the Council is made up of various people some are the Chairpersons of area Traffic Safety Committees like the Kona Traffic Safety Committee. Below is some info about the Kona Traffic Safety Committee. You may want to contact them directly for more info and how they fit in to the Mayor Traffic Safety Council.

Here is the memo regarding the Kona Traffic Safety Committee:

The Kona Traffic Safety Committee Meeting Agenda is provided for your information about traffic safety concerns in the North and South Kona Districts, as well as an invitation to attend the monthly meetings as schedules permit.

Please note that the KTSC meetings are now held at the Hanama Place Conference Room fka the Mayor’s Conference Room.

There is no meeting scheduled for December 23, 2009, due to holiday scheduling conflicts.

For 2010, the meeting date is changed to the second Thursday of the month, beginning January 14, 2010. The meeting will continue to be held at the same time and place.

Further information is available by contacting either of the current Co-Chairs:

Ken Obenski
Barbara Scott [327-1277]

I’ve asked the Mayor’s office who is on the Mayor’s Traffic Council and I’ll see what the response is.

I didn’t even know we had these things and I serve on the Keaau Pahoa Advisory Group for Highway 130!

Here was Jiro Sumada’s response to the person who got killed getting off the bus on Highway 130 in January:


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