ALL UH Manoa Students to be Charged $20.00 Per Semester “Bus Fees”

I don’t think this is right to charge ALL students $20.00 per semester to have a certain percentage of the students be able to ride the bus for free.

What about students who drive their own cars?  What about students who live on campus in the dorms.

This “Fee” is another money maker at the expense of UH Students!

At its monthly meeting held today at Leeward Community College, the UH Board of Regents (BOR) approved an agreement between the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and the City and County of Honolulu to implement the Student U-PASS Transportation fee of $20 per semester to provide a bus pass for unlimited use by students on all bus routes…

…The fee of $20 would be assessed to undergraduate and graduate students each semester, regardless of credit load, beginning in spring 2010. The two-year pilot program will run during the fall and spring semesters through 2011. A two-month opt-in summer pass will be available at a discounted rate for June and July.

More Here: UH Board of Regents Approves Student U-Pass Transportation Fee

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  1. UHH does the same with the Student Activity Center. All students pay a flat fee (forget how much, I think it was $80) per semester whether they use it or not. I think there is some twisted logic in there that if students are forced to pay the fee they may actually eschew use of the cars for the bus (“If I’m paying for it I might as well use it”). I’m dubious. But my daughter is at Mānoa and payed $100 for her pass this semester, so her cost will go down next semester, so it’s good for me ;-)

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