Hawaii Wildlife Center Update

Media Release:

Construction at the Hawai‘i Wildlife Center (HWC) is progressing along with continued fundraising efforts to insure project completion.

Cement truck and progress

The Center’s foundation was recently poured following installation of plumbing and wastewater systems. Framing begins next and will be followed by roofing and siding, all planned for completion before the end of 2009.

“We can see excitement building as the community follows our progress,” said Hawaii Wildlife Center President and Director Linda Elliott. “We are now working hard to raise the last 24% of construction monies by the targeted February 2010 completion of the exterior of the Center. This next phase of building funds, estimated at $800,000, will include the completion of the interior and education facilities of the HWC.

“We are grateful to our supporters and the design/construction team that have gotten us to this point,” Elliott enthused. “We are also pleased to report that due to material donations and discounted services from participating suppliers and sub-contractors we are coming in under budget for the exterior phase of construction.”

Even as the holiday season approaches and the Hawaii Wildlife Center celebrates this latest construction and fundraising benchmark, help is still needed to complete all phases of construction by summer 2010.  Tax deductible donations of any amount are accepted and each one is considered critical in making this wildlife conservation and response resource a reality.


The HWC will be the first native wildlife emergency response center in Hawaii. The Center’s goal is to save, rehabilitate and release threatened Hawaiian wildlife back into the wild. The HWC will also train volunteers and agency staff to respond to oil spills and other catastrophic events.

Donations may be mailed to the Hawai‘i Wildlife Center , PO Box 551752 , Kapaau , HI 96755 or may be made securely online through HWC’s web site, www.HawaiiWildlifeCenter.org.

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