District 5 Office Will be Moving Dec 1st

County Council vice chair Emily I. Naeole-Beason announced today that she is moving into restrictive quarters in order to save money for the County.  She is moving into the Pahoa Election office at the Malama Market Place in Pahoa.  According to vice chair Naeole-Beason, the Election Office is being closed for budgetary reasons and the County is required to pay the rent on a long term lease. Council vice chair Naeole-Beason said, “Even though it is a sacrifice to move into a smaller place I feel that it is important to save our County money in these difficult economic times”.  In making this move, Council vice chair Naeole-Beason will be saving the County $14,525.

2 Responses

  1. Great idea Emily….you are the best!!!

  2. Where in Pahoa is the vegetable sales for senior citizens located and when???

    Damon – Farmer’s Market off Highway 130 on Sundays. Many folks will barter but I don’t know of any place in Pahoa that actually offers a discount for “Vegetable Sales”.

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