How Cool is This… Damon Tucker: Featured Blogger

I’m not gonna beat around the bush… I’m blushing a bit that Social Media extraordinaire Jasmine Guevara featured me as her first “Featured Blogger” on her site “Community Connect“.

I met Jasmine through Twitter for her love of coffee… as you can tell by her Twitter “Alias” @coffee tweets.

I later bumped into her on Oahu a few weeks later when I was doing some other stuff up on Oahu.

While folks like me just love to blog for fun… folks like her get to use her social media skills for a living!

Mahalo Ms. Guevara for featuring me on your blog!

Maybe some day, someone will see the value in blogs and I’ll get paid for what I do!

6 Responses

  1. You’re very welcome, the pleasure’s all mine! I love social media because I get to meet cool people like you along the way–even when all I do is tweet about my coffee addiction. Keep up the awesome work!

    • Twitter is very weird how it was able to cross me and you at the same Twitter moment.

      I’m not a coffee lover myself… but I did find interest in something you must have said.

      I think twitter is an excellent tool and I myself am still learning how to use it to the fullest capabilities.

      Glad we were able to cross paths… I guess I owe you a cup of coffee for the blog post… LOL!

      Lets keep up the continued dialog and lets work together to bring more folks aware of the value of social media!

      (Maybe I need to start my own “Featured Website” column?)

  2. Maybe crossing you fingers AND toes will help. We are proud of your growing success.

  3. Nice going Damon. You’re well on your way.

  4. wishful thinking

    • Rainbow… interesting… I think I know who you are and your about to be weeded out.

      I appreciate you sending comments to my “sponsors” though!

      Anonymous folks like you will look stupid when I start outing you.

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