More of My Pictures Made the News

Four days ago, one of my pictures from Pahoa was on KHON News at 10:00.

I got a tweet yesterday asking me to submit some pictures of yesterdays weather.

As I was driving through town I caught this shot of the runoff at Prince Kuhio Plaza:


Which later got put on the news during the weather report:


Then I also caught this picture around 1:00 yesterday of the Bayfront closure:


Which also got flashed on the news for just a few seconds when they were talking about Hilo weather:

Bayfront KHON



5 Responses

  1. Damon you’re famous! Awesome pics!

    Too much rain though, kind of getting old now. Feel like my days in Seattle. :(

  2. Love the top one! It does like like a waterfall….
    We went to Hilo again today and Bayfront drive is still closed…lots of big waves!

  3. KHP almost looks as if it was intended to be a fountain, not a staircase.

    • It was designed to be a runoff for the parking lot. First time I had driven by and seen it that full of water.

      I missed some better shots that I could have taken just because I was driving at the time. ;)

  4. Congrats! Sorry about the bad weather, though.

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