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Coast Guard and “Golden Princess” Rescues Seattle Couple off Hawaii

Yesterday at the Big Island Internet Society Meet Up, Devany Vickery-Davidson of My Hawaiian Home Blog, mentioned to a few of us that a cruise ship assisted in a rescue the other day off of Hilo.

Here is some information I was able to glean.

The Coast Guard and the cruise ship “Golden Princess” rescued Christopher Miller and Brandy Meisner on Friday off the coast of Hawaii.

Here are some pictures Courtesy of Princess Cruises:


The Coast Guard and the cruise ship "Golden Princess" rescued Christopher Miller and Brandy Meisner when they were forced to abandon their fishing vessel about 400 miles from Hawaii on Friday.


Miller and Meisner left San Francisco last month for what was to be a two-week trip to Hawaii, where they were to start a commercial fishing business.


Safely aboard


Cold but safe


Frightened but safe


The couple's two dogs -- Romeo and Akilah -- were also brought to safety on the cruise ship.



15 Responses

  1. Was on the Princess that trip, never expected to watch an at sea rescue. Poor weather the entire week made walking an adventure on the big ship, can’t say I would ever want to be on a boat that small and that far away from land. We have a video of the rescue but would really like to know if a salvage operation for the boat was or will be made? I know the engine was running at idle with enough fuel to keep the gps going around 10 days. Glad all is well with the passengers and if you have to abandon ship, how much more lucky could they have been to have had a floating buffet pick then up!

    • I with my wife was on the Golden Princess and saw the rescue- even personally spoke to Chris Miller on the ship. Would like to know if he managed to retrieve his fishing boat? Does anyone have an update to this rescue story?

  2. Very, Very lucky people…… Glad the dogs were unharmed!!

    Kudos to Captain Calabrese and his crew of the GOLDEN PRINCESS and the USCG, but for them these folks and the dogs would have perished. A job well done!!

    This was an ill conceived voyage to say the least….. an excellent example of the lure of Tuna fishing $$$$ and lack of preparation, planning, experience, and the utter lack of understanding of the voyage attempted.

    Based on news accounts, this was an incredibly ill conceived voyage with an incredible lack of preparation:

    * Not enough fuel to complete the voyage
    * No weather fax
    * No satellite weather service
    * No sea anchor or drogue to hold the vessel to weather during loss of power
    Just to name a few……


    The USCG will no doubt classify this as “A manifestly unsafe voyage”

    His comments in the interview with the CBS Early Show only amplify the lack of understanding of the voyage attempted.

    See link to video interview below:


    I can’t help but wonder if this guy realizes just how lucky they are??

    Nice that he had a life raft…. But the only time to get in the raft is when you have to STEP UP to get in the raft….you never leave a floating vessel. This was the lesson learned in the tragedy of the 1979 Fastnet race.

    Most maritime accidents, serious incidents and tragedies are the result of a series of events that culminate in the final occurrence. The errors made in this story are a clear example.

    The sea is a wonderful environment….. It can also be the single most unforgiving environment on the planet………….

  3. This is my dad.

  4. What a great story!! I’m proud of Princess Cruises for doing the right thing. And I love the booties that the dogs are wearing….

  5. thanks for sharing! the coconut wireless distorted it as two drunk guys with two goats aboard. I’m just happy the DOGS made it! I’ve crossed this ocean three times between Hawaii and North America and scary stuff happens out there, but usually not to good and prepared sailors like my husband and his brother, both US Coast Guard licensed captains.

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