Coast Guard and “Golden Princess” Rescues Seattle Couple off Hawaii

Yesterday at the Big Island Internet Society Meet Up, Devany Vickery-Davidson of My Hawaiian Home Blog, mentioned to a few of us that a cruise ship assisted in a rescue the other day off of Hilo.

Here is some information I was able to glean.

The Coast Guard and the cruise ship “Golden Princess” rescued Christopher Miller and Brandy Meisner on Friday off the coast of Hawaii.

Here are some pictures Courtesy of Princess Cruises:


The Coast Guard and the cruise ship "Golden Princess" rescued Christopher Miller and Brandy Meisner when they were forced to abandon their fishing vessel about 400 miles from Hawaii on Friday.


Miller and Meisner left San Francisco last month for what was to be a two-week trip to Hawaii, where they were to start a commercial fishing business.


Safely aboard


Cold but safe


Frightened but safe


The couple's two dogs -- Romeo and Akilah -- were also brought to safety on the cruise ship.



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  1. You can see more photos and more of this story at my blog space: ~ I will continue to post more about our story on there, as well as future events!

  2. It’s Me! I’m Christie’s Dad and the Chris Miller in this story. Ofcourse I knew the risks, there is always risks to anything. We had a good 1 week forecast from San Francisco when we left and that’s as far as the forecast gives. It’s a 15 day trip, so you have to buck up and go for it. Surely we could have stayed with the boat and fought out the storm, thus taking the risk of our lives. Who’s to say it may have worked out fine, but I chose the “safety first” way and got us assistance. We did recover the boat and all turned out well. The bottom line is that everyone is safe. Princess Cruises made good on publicity, we got help out of the storm, and we got our boat back. The media, such as CBS Early Show people were rude and hasty with us, promised us all kinds of things to get our story and simply treated us with much disrespect. I have an even more sour taste in my mouth for media programs as I did before after this experience. There’s more to the story, there’s more to who we are, and the shows simply want BUZZ!!!

    • Hi Chris
      I’m so glad to hear from you and that you recovered your boat. I don’t know if you remember me-I spoke with you in the buffet eating area. I quess a lot of people spoke with you. Anyways, hows the tuna fishing in Hawaii-as you planned on doing?
      Best wishes

  3. I also was on the Golden Princess for the rescue. But still search the internet to find the end of the story. Did they get the boat back and did they ever make it to honolulu with it. Any details?

    Damon – Local media has not reported any recovery of the boat.

    • Hi Jon. The boat was recovered, and now sits in Honolulu Harbor, in fine shape. Brandy and I had quite a bit of clean up to do, as the boat drifted 10 days before we got back out to it in decent weather. We are now going to captain (as a couple) a 70′ vessel named the F/V Jenny to Saipan, and tow the Pacific Star behind us!

      Follow us on our blog!

  4. we were on board the golden princess and were so happy to be able to help we wish the very best to chris and brandy we are wondering if they were able to recover the pacific star really hope so best of every thing and a merry christmas viola and earl young

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