Don’t Break Your Arm on the Big Island

So I mentioned a few days ago that my mom broke her arm.

When I first blogged about it, I mentioned that she would be getting it casted the next day after the swelling went down.

Well she called her physician and they told her she would have to wait four days before they could cast her arm.  My moms a tough lady and she had it splinted from the Emergency Room so she decided to wait it out.

I took her to the doctor today at 1:00 for her 1:30 appointment.  She didn’t even get into see the doctor until 2:15.  She came out about 5 minutes later and told me that the Emergency Room hadn’t sent the X-Rays to the doctors office.

So we run up to the hospital which is only about 2 miles away and we pick up her x-rays and bring them back to the doctors office.

So she goes in and gets her arm casted and when she comes out, she has this BRIGHT PINK cast on her arm.


Not my mom... forgot to take a picture!

So I ask her… did you choose that color?  And she said it was either that or baby blue.

I just shut up and was happy that her arm finally got casted.

I remember when I broke my arm… I was in and out of the same hospital within about 4 hours.  My arm literally looked like an “S” and this was about 34 years ago!  They had no problem putting a cast on my arm and it wasn’t bright pink… it was just a regular white cast.

I wonder why they don’t make “FLESH” colored casts?

Well I’m happy my mom is on her way to recovery, I’m a bit disappointed in how long it has taken for her to actually get a cast on her arm.

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  1. Well Damon, I think a bright pink cast is kind of fun. But there sure should be more than two choices! Like one for adults!

    Sorry to hear about the situation at the hospital, that is really too bad. Nobody should have to put up with inadequate care. It is a good thing she had you to take her around. I think that Kaiser’s decision to go “all digital” (including x Rays is a great idea.) At least she did not get it broken by a bully like ER did!

  2. This is terrible.Leslie if they’d had to rebreak her arm imagine the additional pain. What is wrong with the medical resources here?
    When my son broke his wrist on Oregon he was in and out within a few hours too. And if a child has Quest and hasn’t a doctor yet, forget it. No new patients being taken, not even by general practitioners, not for kids on Quest anyway. They must sit in the clinic for hours and wait for help.

  3. Our friends’ 8-year-old daughter broke both bones in her arm last year, and no orthopedist would give them an appointment for more than a week! At which time they might have had to rebreak the bones to set them, I think. They finally wriggled in to see an orthopedist through a friend of a friend type connection, but otherwise I think they would have had to take her to Honolulu.

    And — did you hear that my daughter broke her arm last week? It is a very slight fracture, and didn’t need splinting or a pink cast. She is only wearing a sling, and already she’s so much better. We are lucky it was such a minor break.

    I hope your mom’s arm heals quickly and well!

    • No I did not hear about your daughter!!! I hope she is ok.

      This is very weird now as I have about 4 people that have had serious arm injuries to them in the last month.

      I really hope that we can start getting better care for folks on this island soon.

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