Get Well Soon Mom… Seeking Housekeeper

broken arm

My mom was at the beach yesterday and I gather as she was getting out of the water, she slipped on some limu (seaweed) and as she was falling she used her arm to break her fall.

Well instead of breaking her fall… she broke her arm.

My mom’s a tough lady and has been through much worst then this… so I’m not as worried as I could be.  I know she is in good hands with the doctors and will be getting her arm casted today when the swelling g0es down.

Now she get’s to know how I felt when I broke my arm when I was 5.   Just teasing mom… you have a much better excuse then me… as I shouldn’t have been playing in the dumpsters!

Get well soon!

I’m also looking for someone that might be able to swing by her house a few hours a week and just do some light cleaning, like vacuuming, dishes and taking her garbage to the dump for a few weeks.

Please email me at damontucker @ for more information.

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  1. thanks damon. after seeing primary doc (who has never touched me in 5 years) i will get my arm casted in FOUR DAYS by a specialist!!!!! Only on the BI do we have to accept this delayed care due to over-worked doctors.

    your arm was casted at an ER. here doctors are afraid to be generalst because they are afraid of being sued!!!

    I really do need a Hilo housekeeper… and willing to pay going rates.

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