Craziest Man in Hawaii: Orlando Duque


Red Bull

I totally dig the Red Bull X-treme Sports series.  I just found out this guy from Oahu,  Orlando Duque, is a world champion in one of the scarier events there is – cliff diving:

With nine world champion titles and two Guinness world records on his side, the Colombian high diver was the clear favourite for the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series 2009…


…As a Colombian living in one of the most wanted places on earth, (Laie) Hawaii, Orlando Duque is always relaxed, calm and in a good mood…


After eight competitions, almost 300 dives at 85km/h the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2009, which started in early May in France, was hosted in the birthplace of competitive sports for the final showdown. With physical mastery and pure aesthetics on the platform, and crackling tension among the spectators, the traditional sport of cliff diving leapt into a new era. And it was nine times world champion Orlando Duque who was crowned winner after his fourth place finish in Athens on September 20, taking the World Series Champion title in a photo finish.

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