DLNR Plans to Charge for All State Parks… Protest Monday



Hot off the Twitter press:

“DLNR wants power to charge fees not just at these 8 parks, but at ALL state parks and to ALL users.”

“DLNR believes way to treat visitors is to nickel & dollar ’em to death. Protest state park fees — Mon, 11/9, 6pm, Jefferson Elementary”

“State says only wants 2 charge non-residents at 8 parks, but rule change applies 2 ALL parks & people. “

4 Responses

  1. […] I would support the DLNR’s attempts to start charging for access to state parks (hat tip to Damon Tucker) as long as the funding went towards the upkeep of the facilities. The state parks facilities […]

  2. Is this for real? There’s no pay station at Kekaha Kai (at least there wasn’t last week).

    • DLNR has definite plans (and already has authority) to start charging “parking fees” to non-residents at these 8 state parks. They say they can collect fees with some unmanned method, and differentiate between residents and non-residents. How? Don’t know; they haven’t been too precise. If DLNR could charge to breath Hawaii’s air or to view a rainbow I’m sure they would.

      The statewide public hearings are for rules changes. One change would allow the Land Board to charge user fees to everyone at all parks.

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