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Waimea, Big Island


The other day I had the chance to do some running around in Waimea on the Big Island.  I lucked out as the weather was beautiful up there and it was actually warm.

Here are some random pictures I took of some things that interested me.

Waimea Peace Pole

The Waimea Peace Pole


It's Tutu's House


The Hawaiian Blue & The Kamehameha Lady. In honor of Alma Pelosi (mom of 7)

I think this one is self explanatory

I think this one is self explanatory


I need to find the one that says "Knocking on Hell's Door"


Can you hear me now?


Not Hawaii Time... Waimea Time


It says it all

4 Responses

  1. Wordful Headquarters…sounds like some kind of right wing nutcase gospel outfit

    • Ha ha I never thought of it that way, Shane…but it’s quite the opposite in more ways than one. I do web marketing stuff. You should stop by next time you’re getting you’re in Waimea.

      By the way is THE Shane Dorian? Cause to me that sounds like some super gnarly world-famous big wave charger.

  2. You forgot to visit Wordful headquarters!


  3. Looks like you passed through my neck of the woods. The Subway in the top photo is where I have lunch most days I am working at HQ, including today.

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