So I Met an Admiral!

Today, I had the chance to meet the Commander of the Pacific Forces Admiral Willard.

I will be posting more about this when I return to the Big Island.

For those of you that I told to watch my twitter feed at 3:00 to see what the surprise was… I apologize.

For some reason… no one in the room was able to catch their data plans.

I wouldn’t doubt that was because of all the logistics and translators that were working this network of little Kiosks next to us.

I asked to take a picture of that room, but officials would not allow me.

More to come when I get home and can upload the media I have from the event.

I was told that I was the only blogger in attendance and that they had NEVER invited one before… so for this… I’d like to say thanks to those that were involved in bringing me over for this.
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