Mayor Kenoi Proclaims Today BJ Penn Day

BJ and Kenoi

Media Release:

Mayor Billy Kenoi bid good luck to Hilo mixed martial arts fighter BJ Penn Tuesday as the fighter left to prepare for the defense of his Ultimate Fighting Championship world lightweight title.

Mayor Kenoi lauded Penn as a “positive role model and mentor to youth in our community” at the fighter’s Kino‘ole Street gym.

Billy and BJ

Kenoi proclaimed “BJ Penn Day” October 27 in Hawai‘i County as Penn left to begin serious training this week in Orange County, California, for his December 12 title defense in Memphis, Tennessee.

Penn is the #1 ranked lightweight mixed martial arts fighter in the world and currently holds the UFC lightweight title.

“BJ Penn has the full support and backing of a legion of Big Island family, friends and fans whose cheers should be loud enough to hear in Memphis on December 12,” Kenoi said.

Penn and his family reside in Hilo where he operates his mixed martial arts-related business ventures. Penn also delivers anti-drug and anti-violence messages to  Big Island youth.

Mayor Kenoi called on residents to “recognize and support the contributions of BJ Penn to our island.”

“He’s a champion in our hearts in every way,” Kenoi said, “He’s the pride of the Big Island and we wish him the best of luck in his next fight.”

Kenoi and Penn

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  1. […] following picture is from when Mayor Kenoi announce that the Big Island was celebrating a BJ Penn Day. Big Island Mayor Billy Kenoi Proclaims a day dedicated to BJ […]

  2. Every time BJ Penn has a fight, the punks he is training, go to the bar and pick fights with innocent citizens, out to have a good time not looking for a fight.
    He needs to let his students know, that if they use these techniques to defend themselves, it okay, any other reason, THEY WILL BE removed from any FUTHER TRAINING!
    Look at the Police reports from the local bars security, proof enough, they are instagating fights for their egos and hurting our public citizens for no REASON, I know, for a fact, it happen to my family.

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