Last Nights Moon and Jupiter… and UFO’s?

Thanks to the hattip from Andrew Cooper over at the Darkerview, I pulled my butt off my chair and went outside and caught these pictures of the Moon and Venus Jupiter last night:

Moon and Venus

Of course… I’m using a junk camera so in the picture above… Venus Jupiter looks like a UFO.

Here is a better picture that I was able to take… Not bad considering I’m a few miles away using a $100.00 camera?  LOL

Venus and Mars

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  1. Oh, just think of all the money you could have made if it was a UFO shot! ;-D

  2. By the way, it’s jupiter, not venus!


    • I found that out earlier today on the road and wasn’t able to change it. Now that you’ve commented on it… Let’s see who else catches it. Larry Obrien Tweeted me earlier to tell me it was Venus.

      I’m amazed Mr. Cooper didn’t catch it?

      • Oh, it’s easy to miss details sometimes. Andrew certainly knew it was Jupiter!

        You can buy a cheap tripod or gorrilapod from Walmart and you might want to consider it. It’s amazing how much photos improve with a steady camera!

        I tried my own Moon/Jupiter shots but like yours they looked nasty, and when I exposed for the moon jupiter was hardly visible. Taking Moon pictures is surprisingly difficult! This is a very dull shot but at least the moon is in focus. Jupiter is the tiny dot low to the left.

  3. Maybe a bit odd, but also a bit of fun. You can take some interesting shots by moving the camera in a long exposure, either intentionally or by accident.

    I once took a shot of some stained glass in an English cathedral that turned into a beautiful swirl of colors when the camera decided to use a half second exposure.

  4. Oh, I’m so disappointed. It kind of looked like casper floating along

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