Campaigning for Climate Change, Sen. Gary Hooser Takes Part in Local Events


(left to right) State Senate Majority leader, Sen. Gary Hooser, Congressman Ed Case, and event organizer Keith Rose

Media Release:

After fighting against furloughs this past week, State Senate Majority leader, Gary Hooser was working this weekend to take part in the International Day of Climate Change and campaign against carbon emissions. He was joined by Congressman Ed Case and over one hundred Oahu residents for a rally and photograph at the State Capitol on Saturday.


“The effects of climate change and sea level rise are increasingly evident in our island ecosystems.  We see it on our coral reefs, shorelines and native forests,” said Sen. Hooser.


Sen. Hooser speaks before rally attendees

Over twenty years ago, NASA scientist named James Hansen found that 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was the limit for a habitable planet. The Hawaii state capitol rally was part of an “international campaign dedicated to building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis–the solutions that science and justice demand,” according to the website.


“As a State Senator and as Lieutenant Governor, I aim to make energy independence and earth friendly programs a priority,” said Sen. Hooser. He also urged attendees to be active in their practice of sustainable living personally, socially and politically. “It will take committed leadership at all levels – at the government level, in the halls of business, in our schools and most importantly within our community itself,” he said.

Also on Saturday, Hooser participated in The Blue Planet Foundation’s Blue Line Project that marked the potential effects of sea level rise, if action is not taken by the international community to combat climate change.

Local conservation advocate, Marjorie Ziegler called Sen. Hooser a friend of the environment and added that he “understands the importance of protecting Hawaii’s natural environment and is willing to take the tough stands needed to preserve our fragile coastlines, streams and mountain areas.”


Oahu residents participate in the International Day of Climate Change at the State Capitol on Saturday, October 24. Sen. Gary Hooser is pictured center, holding a white 350 sign.

“I think that Gary is a real sustainability candidate,” said Andrea Dean, a sustainable business advocate. “He can use the platform of Lieutenant Governor to move our state forward in ways that balance our economy and our environment.”

One of the most recent examples of Hooser’s leadership in advocating for sustainable practices is his authorship of the Solar Mandate Bill, requiring all new homes built in Hawai’i after January 1, 2010 to have a solar hot water heater or other highly efficient system installed. “Solar Hot water is a low-hanging fruit. Its a simple and affordable, proven technology that should be on top of everyone’s house. The technology and solutions are out there to reduce our dependency on energy that is harmful to our islands and harmful to our planet,” said Sen. Hooser. “Its a great policy that puts Hawaii on the map for green technology innovation,” he added. Sen. Hooser, also aims for his 2010 campaign for Lt. Governor to be the first ever in Hawai’i to go carbon neutral to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight global climate change.

Recently, two former directors of the Hawaii chapter of the Sierra Club, Jeff Mikulina (1998-2008) and David Kimo Frankel (1996-1998), endorsed Senator Gary Hooser for Lt. Governor in 2010.

“As someone who has been active in advocating for Hawaii’s sustainability for over a decade, I’m supporting Gary Hooser for Lt. Governor,” said Mikulina. “Gary has earned my support through his honest, thoughtful, and smart approach to leadership and policymaking. He’s not afraid to make the tough political decisions that will benefit many–today and tomorrow. ”

David Kimo Frankel, recounting his years of lobbying for the Sierra Club had shown him that “there are not many people who can successfully navigate the system with integrity, intelligence and a progressive ideology. Gary Hooser is the kind of person we need at the statewide level here in Hawai`i,” he said.


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