Assisting a Family Finding a Rental on Big Island

Just putting this word out for a family that moved here from California and they are looking for housing now.

Anyone know of a Honokaa/Pauuilo area rental that’s available  now? (Waimea/Kohala area also a possibility)

Ideally 3 bedroom, private, room for garden and chickens.

This is a quiet family.

See the comment made for contact information.

Honokohau Village: The Developer’s Perspective

Honokohau Properties’ Bob McClean, one of the primary stakeholders in the Honokohau Village TOD charrette, shares a developer’s perspective on the process. For more information, visit


Honokohau Village: Exploring the Village

PlaceMakers’ Project Principal Susan Henderson provides an overview of the Honokohau Village Transit Oriented Development project. Learn more at


Video: 2009 Galileo Block Party

The Mauna Kea Observatories Outreach Committee ( planned and sponsored the International Year of Astronomy 2009 Galileo Block Party. Held in Hilo, Hawaii on Saturday, October 24th.


Mayor Proposes Extension of Free, County-wide Bus Service

Media Release:

County of Hawai’i Mayor Billy Kenoi is proposing to extend the “Kokua Zone” program to provide free, island-wide bus service on the Island of Hawai’i for another year.

“The free county bus fares are helping our residents to weather these challenging economic times, and are also providing a benefit to the business community by helping to connect workers with employers,” Mayor Kenoi said.

“This program helps our youth by providing them with transportation to sports and other healthy activities, and helps our elderly by connecting them with medical care and other services,” Mayor Kenoi said. “This program should be continued.”

The free bus fares will expire on Dec. 31, 2009 unless the Hawai’i County Council takes action to extend the program. The mayor’s proposal, which was sent to the Council last week, would extend the Kokua Zone program until Dec. 31, 2010.

“This program reduces traffic congestion by getting cars off the road, and improves mobility for people who may not have a means of transportation,” said Mass Transit Administrator Tom Brown. “Because of the vast distances our island residents must travel to get work, school, shopping and health care, the transportation needs are tremendous.”

The bus system has broken one ridership record after another since the fares were waived. Bus ridership was the highest ever in the fiscal year that ended June 30 at about 800,000 passenger trips, and the overall ridership for the mass transit system topped 1 million that year including the county’s shared-ride taxi service and disabled transportation network.

Bus ridership is expected to grow to about 900,000 in this fiscal year, and has been increasing each month. Bus ridership last month set an all-time record with more than 81,000 passenger trips.

Uncle George Na’ope Passed Away Today

I have just learned that Uncle George Na’ope has passed away today.


Uncle George Na'ope

George Na’ope was co-founder of the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival and served as one of the first judges of the competition. He has judged hula competitions worldwide. He travelled the world over performing and teaching hula. “Uncle” George believes that hula is for everyone; not just Hawaiians.

George Na’ope was born in Hilo, and at age three his grandmother Malia Na’ope started him in hula. At four he began to study with Mary Kanaele who was mother and teacher to Edith Kanaka’ole. When he moved to O’ahu, he studied for ten years with Joseph Ilala’ole. He also studied with Antone Kao’o, Iolani Luahine, Lokalia Montgomery, Annie Hall and Jennie Wilson. He ‘uniki’d from Tom Hiona.

He began to teach at age thirteen, because his family was poor, charging fifty cents per week so he could get through school. He taught chant and kahiko to the Ray Kinney dancers, and travelled with Ray Kinney.

“I want to share because if we don’t share these dances, they are going to die. My students are all different races but when they dance, I know they’re Hawaiian.”


Pepsi… Azuki?

I was just reading the Japanese Snack Review and a certain product caught my attention:

From the Japanese Snack Review Blog

From the Japanese Snack Review Blog

Here’s the quote that actually caught my attention:

…I rarely sniff something and think “smells like barf”. Pepsi Azuki smells like someone threw up their bean cake…

I’m telling you now… I still don’t understand why folks put Azuki Beans in their shave ice?

azuki shave ice

If someone would care to clue me in to why you would put Japanese Beans in dessert… I would like to know.

I’ve tried it… didn’t bode well for me.